Where is God?

“If Jesus came to do anything, He came to silence all the voices that make you less” – ERWIN McManus.

Has God Forgotten Me?

Whether we are believers or if we struggle to believe, I think we all have come across times when we think God had forgotten about us or felt unworthy of His love. We feel we have gone unnoticed because life is picking us apart. As Christians, we many times feel unworthy and ashamed. We promise God that we will not repeat the same mistake (sin) again, and then we find ourselves breaking that promise. We quickly think, why would God love us if we break the promises we made to Him. Why would God forgive us yet again? 

    At the very same time, we see ourselves doing our best and watch people who do evil that seem to get rewarded. We might think that maybe God doesn’t really care about us. Back when I didn’t believe I would see all the bad things that happened around me. I experienced losing a parent, and would wonder why would God allow this to happen if He was so real? I would grow angry and think maybe God just hates me, I mean it seems like everyone does too anyway. 

    We have all been there no matter what part of our journey we are on at the moment. Our sights are filled with anger, confusion, and that overwhelming type of sadness where it seems like our hearts are choking from the heartbreak. We have experienced those moments when you get the bad news, and your only choice is to accept what you have been told. I think those are one of the worst feelings when you can deny what you’ve been told, but to fully grasp all the emotions that rush in from sadness. That’s true sadness, and we instantly look up and ask why? We think God, where are you? 

It’s those moments when we have been struggling with a battle for so long. Where have been messing up with the same stronghold, and we beg God for mercy. Where we get so tired, we keep praying, and God seems to be nowhere to be found. Why can’t we get a break? Why isn’t God talking to me? We feel so unworthy and ashamed; we believe that God will reject us and be disappointed.

Let’s Talk

I know that sometimes when we hear about people in the bible, we think how does this relate to me? We quickly disconnect from what is being said because we don’t understand what is being said. I am going to tell you about a story in the bible, what it means and rephrase it, so you understand.

Here Is A Story (your story) 

There was a story about a bleeding woman in the bible. What this meant was that she had a disease, where she had a menstrual cycle that wouldn’t stop. For this reason, back in the day, she was considered unclean and ill. For 12 years, she suffered from this disease. Anybody who touched her would be considered unclean because of this, she was kicked out of town and sent away from people. She would go to doctors, spend everything she could on trying to get cured and had to deal with her reputation being ruined and all the pain that came with the disease. One day she heard about Jesus, with desperation in her soul and brokenness in her heart; she decided to take courage and go to Him. A whole crowd was following Jesus; many were touching Him and close to Him. The bleeding woman knew if she could at least touch Jesus clothes that she would be healed. She retook courage again and pushed through the crowd, knowing anyone she touched would be considered unclean and that this could potentially lead to her being in a very dangerous situation. Despite her knowing this, she didn’t care because she had suffered for so long, and the desperation overpowered the screams of fear. As she pushed through the crowd, she was able to touch Jesus clothes from behind. As soon as she touched His clothes, she felt instantly healed, and Jesus felt the power come out of Him. He turned around and faced the crowd and asked who touched Him? With the whole crowd touching Him and being close to Him, you would think it was silly to ask who touched Him, but Jesus felt the cries of this woman deeply. The woman stepped out of the crowd and in front of everyone told Jesus everything that and been going on with her. Jesus said to her that her faith has healed her and that she should go in peace.

    What if I told you this person in the bible, is actually you. 

After years of suffering and heartbreak after heartbreak, wouldn’t you think maybe God hates me and doesn’t care much for me? We do everything we can to try to help ourselves, we talk to our friends and go to our counselors and yet nothing. We have made mistakes and put in situations, and then our reputation gets ruined. Even if God is here and we know He is here with us, why would He even waste His time on ME?! There are so many better people out there that could use the help, why would He choose me? We cry and ask God to please help us and give us a break.. and yet as much as we cry we believe He is nowhere to be found. Much like this woman, she did everything she could, spent all her money, time, and effort, and the pain continued. This woman was kicked out of town away from all people because of this disease she had. (A disease is a habit or quality by definition) How many of us struggle with a habit, and we keep failing and after a while, we get called many things, she got called unclean and ill. We often get called bad names too. We get called a slut, an addict, a drug dealer, fake and weak. Anyone who is seen hanging around you is labeled the same thing you are labeled. No one wants to hang out with you, the good people push you away, and you’re looked down upon. You’re alone and hurt. Your reputation is ruined, and you believe God is absent.

 It’s been so long, you been overlooked for so long and we have gone unnoticed. Just like the bleeding woman probably thought, she thought she was unworthy and notice when she heard about Jesus she didn’t think to herself “I need to talk to Jesus and tell Him my story.” No, she was too ashamed all she knew about was if I can just touch a piece of His clothes I will be healed. She probably thought that “I will just touch His clothes from the back and not bother Jesus since He has so much more to worry about.” I mean He has this whole crowd following Him, do you really think He will stop to talk to Me? Once, she reached out to Jesus and touched Him, He felt the power come out of Him, but this is what caught Jesus attention that someone with so much desperation, so much hurt and so much shame reached out for Him. God will drop whatever He is doing, ignore the crowd to help you. He is close to the brokenhearted. Sure, Jesus could’ve been like “Wow, that was something else,” but He stopped, turned around, and asked whoever person who touched Him to step forward. Jesus knew who it was, but this is where we find out how awesome Jesus is. He not only healed her, but He chose her from the crowd. He had her step forward and give her testimony and talk about her hurt NOT to make her embarrassed but to restore her reputation right in front of those who kicked her out of town.

 Just like this event that happened, Jesus is waiting for you to reach out to Him. Just like this woman if you reach out in your weakness for Jesus, He will give you strength from Him. In your weakest moments, Jesus says that in Him, you will find strength. Jesus, not only did He heal the woman from her disease, but He restored her strength, reputation, and peace. Sometimes like this woman, we hold onto our shame and our past that God is asking us to reach out to Him and lay it at his feet. He will ask you to have the courage to walk through and past the crowd of people who belittle you and show your faith to Him. He will restore you in front of those who broke you; you’re not unnoticed, God is right there just waiting for you to reach out to Him not just by words, but by action.

Where is God?

Let’s shift our perspective to talk about where God is in the storm. I say we should “shift” our perspective and not ‘change” it because it’s only a matter of turning our head to realize God was always standing right there next to us. Whether we think God will reject us in the middle of a storm that we got ourselves in for messing up, or we simply are struggling so much hit after hit that we think God has left us. God won’t ever reject you; you’re His child. God won’t overlook you;  you’re His whole focus. God won’t leave you unnoticed; He had his eye on you long before you even knew about Him. Just because you made a mistake, and ruined your reputation that will never make you unworthy or a lost cause. God is always there, even when you aren’t. Just because you sinned again, just because you broke that promise to God again, Just because you made the biggest mistake of your life that doesn’t mean God will/has rejected you. God is always talking to you, but sometimes we focus so much on our sin, and we let that steal our joy. Sometimes our mistakes are so loud make so much noise inside of us that we think God is silent because we listen to the mistake instead of God. God isn’t silent, but the more we focus on our loud mistakes, the closer we get to those mistakes and identify ourselves with them rather than the word of God. God is always talking to you, but the farther you get away from Him, the more difficult it becomes to hear Him. God is talking to you, He is poking you, pulling you, He is doing everything He can to get your attention, but you’re so focused on the storm and pain you think God isn’t there. Refocus, the mistake doesn’t matter because Jesus is always the correction. The sin doesn’t matter because Jesus is always the righteousness. The hurt doesn’t matter because Jesus is always the healer. Ask for forgiveness, keep working on shifting your ways, and focus on God’s love and not your self-hate even when everything is going wrong in your life. You keep getting hit after hit. You keep praying and asking God for help. Even when you have done all you could, and you have been stripped of what seems like all you had. You have been empty-handed, but you have no been forsaken. We judge God based on our wants, we judge God based on our timing, our timing doesn’t exist for God you might think God is late or not coming, but to God, He is coming at just the perfect time. He will show up at the very last minute and have you witness the greatest comeback of all time. We tend to believe that if God loves us that we won’t go through tough times, but we are actually told the opposite that with God, we will make it through the tough times. Good times or bad times shouldn’t indicate God’s presence, and not every storm in your life is made to disrupt your life. Not every diversity in your life is bad; sometimes, they are made to clear your path or make room for love. The bigger the problem means, the bigger the breakthrough. We shouldn’t ever take God’s grace for granted, but we should also understand that being Christian doesn’t mean you will have your life altogether. Being Christian means, you have the ability to leave your ego and ask God for help. Being Christian means, you accept your mistakes and fix them. Just like the event above, God will ask you to step out of your comfort zone, take risks, and you will be filled with fulfillment. 

He is asking you to Step Out

Sometimes God is asking you to step out of the storm; He isn’t gone, He is asking you to choose eternal happiness and not temporary happiness. We stay in our storms in life because we choose to stay in them, without realizing it. We decide to stay with someone who is causing the storm and our distance from God when God is telling us to let them go. He reveals red flags whether that’s friendships or relationships, yet we continue to stay around them and then we ask God where He is. We choose to stay in our unhappy jobs because of the paycheck rather than our happiness when God is asking us to leave and have faith in Him. We choose temporary happiness we choose what makes us happy in this hour then we realize we are still sad the next day. We choose drugs and get high and feel good for a moment than after the high is over we realize we are still stuck in our misery. We choose sex, and after those moments of temporary happiness and pleasure, we feel embarrassed and guilty after. Then we ask, where is God? But God wants us to choose eternal happiness, and that’s spending a moment of sacrifice this minute and being happy the next day. We choose to say no to our friends to go to that party, and yes, we feel left out and upset, but the next day we realized staying with the family and not having a hangover was better. We choose to stop talking to that person because of sexual temptations, and yes it’s upsetting because they were hot and attractive, but weeks from now you’ll be happy you got away from that temptation. 

Another way to think about this is to think about when you’re driving in a car. You’re biggest point of view is the windshield, and then you have your smallest point of view is the rearview mirror. As you’re driving people are tailgating you, you’re passing people and objects. God is in front of you in the destination with the big windshield in front of you, but you’re so focused on the rear view mirror on that person tailgating you and those things of the past. God is asking you to let go of the past mistakes, step out of the anger and bitterness towards the people right behind you, and focus on your big future. Sometimes, we think because we can’t see God that He isn’t there but  It’s not about what you can see, it’s about what you can’t see. What I mean by this is that if you can’t see God involved in whatever you’re doing that He is asking you to let go. If you step into a situation where God wouldn’t want you in, God is asking you to step out of it. Sometimes the question isn’t if God is with us, but it’s the opposite, is who I’m with involved with God. is what I’m doing at this moment have God in it? God is calling you out of the storm.

God is actually there and always will be. 

God is in the storm; He isn’t just in that perfect place. God is with you in your loneliness He isn’t just with that good group of people that deny you. God has NEVER failed, and He will not start now. God prepared us, and He has made a way for us already. Just remember that no matter how tough the situation is, or how different it is that God is and will always be the same God. The storms of life provide the water we need to grow from the dirt. He didn’t bring you this far just to bring you this far. If you lost everything, just know you have God and that right there is more than enough. It doesn’t matter how many times you messed up because God still loves you. 

God is with you, but are you with God? God is ready to work through you, but will you let Him in? God is ready to partner with you, but will you Partner with Him? Every time you that you think you had enough, Jesus gave you just enough to make it through. When you wake up in the mornings despite waking up tired and weak, are signs that the best is yet to come. All those are signs that God still has a plan for you. That person that showed up to help you, God actually sent them. That money you had just enough for rent, God provided. Even if you don’t have enough money, God wants you to lay full faith in Him fully.

When I was in my storms in life, multiple times even when I had no faith God sent others to help me, even when I lost my dad and my single mother was struggling I would think where is God? Do you know where He was? He was there the whole time. When I wanted to commit suicide, He was there right there holding me as I cried. He is waiting for you to ask Him for help with all your heart and all the faith you have whether that’s little faith or a lot He is waiting for you to ask him for genuine help. The only time I reached out for God, He saved my life and gave His life for me. I encourage you to keep going because you still can. The impossible is about to come, despite what you see, despite what you hear, because, with God, all things are possible. If you don’t believe, you will realize that a tiny part of you actually does believe ..set that faith towards God and let HIm work. When I thought my faith was at the best it’s ever been (last year), I still found myself asking God for mercy and asking God if He had left me? Last year I kept pushing I kept walking through the storm, I knew His promise, and the enemy tried to throw everything he could at God and me took all his evil and used it all for good. God has a promise for you, and that is no matter what you’re going through, whatever stronghold you have that if you fully lay to Him and have faith in Him that you will be okay. You’re His child, and you belong to Him; it doesn’t matter what it looks like you will make it through. Just know that the storm is an overnight night thing, but God is forever. Shift your focus. 

One thought on “Where is God?

  1. Hello Kevin again, I try to check back on people if I, as a single person with 1,000,000 and 1 thoughts during a day can! Some people have effectively ended their blogs. Others may have taken their own lives in suicide. I PRAY THAT WILL NEVER BE THE CASE! BUT “THAT MUCH” WE MAY NEVER KNOW. So… How is Kevin? Please let me know, ok? I care more than words can say. Much love and blessings. Timothy Baugh. PS: I love your work here.


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